TALS – Legal Professionals of Tennessee became a formal reality in 1961 with the chartering of three chapters: Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis. Nashville LSA had been meeting for many years prior to that date, but did not formally join TALS until 1972. Our TALS family now has three chapters: Memphis, Mid-Tenn, and Nashville. 
The first board meetings were held sitting on the side of a bed in a motel room due to lack of funds, but now our membership meetings are hosted by chapters in fine facilities throughout the state. Through membership in our tri-level Association, members reap benefits at the local, state, and national levels.
We have gained the respect of the legal community throughout the state and throughout the nation, and we have shown that we are dedicated professionals who, as stated in a portion of our Code of Ethics, “encourage respect for the law and administration of justice.” Our active involvement in our Association enhances our knowledge of the law and of our profession.
We have accomplished much through team efforts and through dedication. We continue to write new pages in the history of our Association, and continue to strive to meet the demand of our profession, showing that “PROFESSIONALISM PLUS EDUCATION EQUALS EXCELLENCE.”