TALS is part of a tri-level professional association comprised of NALS . . . the Association of Legal Professionals  state and local chapters across the country.
When you join a local chapter, you simultaneously become a member of TALS and NALS. Membership “at large” is available if no local chapter exists in your area. Secondary membership is available to members of other state associations. Students enrolled in courses of legal study beyond high school may apply for student membership. 


ALP certification is designed to demonstrate that an individual has reached a level of competence that ensures they can perform the skills required in a law office.
PLS certification is reserved for those who have substantial experience in the legal field and can perform their duties with confidence and professionalism.
PP professional paralegal certification was developed by NALS to promote legal professionals who wish to be identified as exceptional in all areas of the law.
Certain eligibility requirements must be met and are available for viewing by going on our national website at You may also check with your local chapter for study groups.

Continuing Legal Education

Members are offered reduced registration rates for meetings, seminars and certification testing. Non-members who work in the legal field and students working in the legal field are also invited to participate for nominal charges. A mini-seminar is offered at each TALS meeting on Saturday morning.
TALS can help you achieve and maintain a competitive edge in your career as a legal professional. One of the most important benefits you will derive from membership in TALS is invisible and can be summed up with one word -networking.